Now, I don’t want to steer the conversation too far away from sports betting, but I just couldn’t bring up the subject of gambling and Texas without going into a little more depth about the game that takes the state’s name. Any online casino USA worth its salt knows what I’m talking about: Texas Hold’em.

I’m from West Texas, and we don’t like to give those downstate city boys any more credit than they’re due, but I have to hand it to them on this one. Hold’em poker came out of Robstown in the early 1900s, which (at the time) was just a little place outside of Corpus Christi.

By the middle of the century, people all over Texas were familiar with this game. We just called it “hold’em” back then, but Texas became forever and rightfully linked to the game when Doyle Brunson and some others of our number one card players decided to take a road trip to Las Vegas.

This Texas crew knew that hold’em had the potential. In the late 1960s, Las Vegas was bigger and badder than ever. These were the Rat Pack days, when Vegas still had Hollywood and the Mafia on its side but everyone (not just the hippies!) was getting a little bit looser and having a little more fun. Trying new things, to put it one way.

Well, the Texas crew showed Vegas a new way of having fun, but it took those boys a little while to catch on (most of those Vegas boys were from back east, you understand). Slowly but surely, people began to take notice and play this “thinking man’s game” from Texas. It became an international sensation by the 1980s, but the biggest boost had to wait until the Internet caught up…and executives finally started to get sick of playing golf.

Yep, the decade following 1998 (the year “Rounders” came out) was the true turning point for the already-Texas-huge game. Fascinated spectators and supercharged Internet connections led to a turn-of-the-Century renaissance for Texas Hold’em. Though the worst of the hype is dying down now, there’s still no better time to join Doyle in a game (of Texas Hold’em or even online slots) at his website, Doyle’s Room

As for me this is my absolute favorite form of poker. As a matter of fact, it is my favorite for of gambling at all. The reason is that it pits player vs. player. The house takes a cut of the pot. They get paid either way. In this game there is no house advantage so it allows for a more true test of skill against other players rather than blind luck. In my books that is a fantastic way to go about things.

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