I don’t know if every Texan loves to gamble, but I know that it’s true for every one that I’ve ever met. Why, Texas produced Doyle Brunson…if that isn’t proof enough, I don’t know what is!

Once I knew a man that would bet on anything… It did not have to be an official sporting event or a game of cards. He explained it to me like this, Mankind has been making wagers since there were things to disagree about. Think about that for a moment. First, it sounds entirely possible. (If not probable) Second, it means that since 2 people went on a hunting trip together at the dawn of mankind, there was possibly a wager about the outcome of the trip in one way or another… That is amazing if it’s true. It’s quit possibly true too.

And do you even have to ask if Texans love sports? Do online slots have virtual balls? Notre Dame may be the Irish heart of football, but Texas is it’s arms and legs, and some other parts that we won’t discuss in mixed company. When I was born I started drinking Gatorade instead of mother’s milk, and instead of learning to walk I learned how to throw a pass. These are tall tales, folks, but far stranger stories could be told of my fellow Texans’ love for football…

So it is natural for a Texan to want to gamble on sports. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun, and (if you’re an informed sports fan who bets with his or her head), it can bring you some serious money.

But as I’ve already said, it’s just no fun trying to do it unless you’re doing it the right way: online, at a high-quality online sportsbook.

Now, I understand all of the usual objections. Those online sportsbooks cover a lot of territory. Some of them I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. Some of them I would only touch with a ten foot pole. But a small minority of the online sportsbooks (and online poker rooms, and online casino USA) are well worth investigating.

And I do mean investigating…check out some reviews and listen to what experienced folks have to say. I’m a good place to start, but I don’t expect you to believe every little thing I say; like a lot of Texans, my stories get bigger every time I tell them!

So I’ll give you what I know, and point you in the right direction If you feel like thanking me, I’d surely appreciate if you clicked on some of my links or visited some of my advertisers. But I’m not gonna force you, trick you, or beg you!

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