The bottom line truth about online gambling is that you’ll be so much better off if you know what you’re doing. I guess that’s the bottom line truth about pretty much everything, but in this case I’m looking out for your money and your personal information…not to mention your ability to have as much fun as possible in the long run.

Rule number one: don’t get lazy. When you’re looking for an online sportsbook, poker room, or online casino USA, it can be tempting to say “well, I’ve seen enough. These all look the same.” It’s true, most online casinos have a number of similarities. But there are really only about a dozen that are worth considering, and if you haven’t included them in your ‘final’ list, you’re playing Russian Roulette with your recreational finances (and you’d much rather be playing online slots, wouldn’t you?).

Rule number two: don’t trust anyone that says it’s great. You’ve got the brains to dig a little deeper than the review that says “Vegas Idiot Casino is awesomely terrific!”, while nearby on the page blinks a colorful advertisement for Vegas Idiot Casino (what a coincidence, eh?). Some aren’t that obvious about it, but when you’ve come to the conclusion that everybody on the Internet is trying to trick you into giving them money, then you’ll be in a lot better position to realize how close to the truth that is.

Rule number three: don’t even trust them when they say that it sucks. Well, they’re probably not being paid to say it, so that’s something, but haven’t we all seen the negative review of the product from which we’ve had years of satisfaction? Some of these loud critics may be on to something, but some of them wouldn’t be crying if they’d read the rules first…some of them seem to have expected the casino to hand their money back when they lost. It’s a nice thought,. but that’s really not how an online casino USA (or anyone else in the world) works.

There are a million people who will give you their tips and tricks when it comes to betting. Everyone has something to say about it as a matter of fact so we started listening. We took our time and remained with an open mind while we listened. Then, we vetted what people were saying to see if anything really worked out to be an official asset when dealing with online sports betting. It turns out there are a few things that you can do to ensure the best possible odds are in your favor. If it works we list it and if it was a bunch of garbage we put it right where it belongs, out of our mind forever…

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