Longhorns fans, this is the place!

We’re all excited (if that’s the right word) about the whole Big 12 thing, but that’s not what I’m here to talk to you about. My specialty is sports betting, and I know from experience that Texas sports fans are the right people to hear my message.

From the long-ago days when I wore the black and gold as a halfback for Lubbock High, I’ve loved making and taking bets (never on my own team, of course!). Me and my friends would throw around five bucks or so (hey, it was a long time ago…five bucks was a lot back then! Well, not really. But it would buy you a brand new ZZ Top record!).

The only problem was that it was so small. And if Texans do it, they want to do it big, right? Right!

There’s only one problem; there’s really nowhere to make a real wager. Oh, there’s always a few guys in the area that run a sleazy little bookmaking operation (our at the time was named Willie, and he was a character), but it’s never worth it. Bad lines, bad choices, bad company and bad news. Plus, people sometimes got hurt…

So we’d take a road trip and head to Vegas, and what a hot and dusty and long road trip that always was. I won’t say those weekends weren’t fun, but the sports betting wasn’t really the most important part of the fun. And to tell you the truth, most of the Vegas sportsbooks didn’t have much more of a selection than Willie had.

So I personally thank Whoever that we now have a bunch of convenient and reputable choices for online sportsbooks (and online slots, and online poker, and all sorts of other online casino goodies). It’s actually worth having to learn how to use a damn computer! Nah, I’m just kidding. Nothing is worth that…

That brings us to football. Every true blue Texan grew up either playing or watching football on a regular basis. It meant so much to all of us growing up. I remember waiting all year for football season and waiting all week for Friday night. You see, Friday nights the entire town (it seemed) would meet up at the local high school field for the most interesting part of any bodies week, the big game. It seemed that the entire world was riding on each and every game. Of course, as I grew up I realized that the entire world didn’t really revolve around football. You know what? That didn’t change anything… I am raising my kids the exact same way I was raised & I hope that they come to the same decision as me one day.

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